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Buggy Kiting

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Snow Kiting

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Obout Kitebranding4You


Silently gliding across the water, the snow or sand - powered only by the wind - and enjoying  the vastness of the sea and the landscape, the feeling of weightlessness as you glide in the air looking around, being the fastest one on the water (faster than windsurfers), feeling the adrenalin as you boast those big airs, riding those whitecaps or pulling off those crazy tricks, the feeling of the pure power of nature - that´s being a part of the specific kiting lifestyle.

For us it is the most exciting mix of sports, nature and wind. Leave your worries behind and just save the moment. Kiteboarding, kitelandboarding, buggy-kiting and snow-kiting provide all this and much more!

If you have become infected with the kite virus, you can certainly tell some stories about how fast you will reach yours financial limits on the purchase of kites.

Because today kites that are sold by the top kite manufacturers cost about (depending on size) 1.000,- to 2.500,- € per unit.

This dire situation gave rise to the birth of our idea to combine the interests of kiters and international brand manufacturers. Due to it´s large sail area a kite is perfect for customized branding.

With a product or company branding on your kite you´ll have your personal sponsor on board. Because your "kite-sail area" has a market value. A market value that we want to use making kite orders for you less expensive.

However this idea can only be realized, if there are enough riders - or those who want to become infected with the kite virus yet - who register on our community website.


Feel free to register now - your registration is not legally binding!



Yours Sigi





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